Our Trip to the Vineyard.

So before the storm, I went to Martha’s Vineyard for a little weekend vacation. It wasn’t like any vacation I’ve gone on before. Even though the beginning was a little rough, I’ve realized that after this vacation that things were going to be not the same when we came back home. As my mom and I watched as Sandy was preparing her land fall on our precious home. We had a great time when we weren’t looking at the Tv. My Dad was running a marathon there, hence why we were going. All I can say, that Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard is all dogs and mattress stores. We stayed in Falmouth in this really cute hotel. The door was sliding glass door which overlooked a large lake. It would of been awesome in the summer but we went in October and it was anything but summer like out. For the first day we were there we went shopping around the town of Falmouth and then went over to Martha’s Vineyard. While we were there, we were trying to find the best restaurants to go to, then my  mom decided to get a to go menu from the restaurants and then put them in a scrapbook. For breakfast we went to a place called Betsey’s Diner. Before leaving people were telling us to check it out, they said it was great. With an anticipated mind and stomach we walked in the little tin diner filled with many hungry people. Just as we sat down a bus full of kids came in so we were happy we came when we did. I ordered cranberry walnut pancakes.

Here’s a picture:

I was actually disappointed because they weren’t as good as they looked. My dad had apple and cinnamon pancakes and that was a different story. They were very good. Since my trip to Chicago I’ve been on the look out for the best things I’ve eaten in every state I visit. This was not the best thing I ate in Cape Cod, I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of what was the best, but all I can say is that when you go on the Vineyard, you must must must get chowder.. it will be the best chowder you will ever have ever.

Next, we walked around the town of Falmouth where there were many little shops and stuff where I found this chair.. it is the coolest chair ever and if I could have bought it, I would have.

There was this little bookstore there and it was very cute. It was like an old fashioned one but it was cute and I felt like I was in a children’s book. It was cute.

After our morning of shopping in Falmouth, we went to the Vineyard, I thought walking to the shuttle would be a good idea, but after the 6th block, I was regretting it. Atleast it was nice out. On our travels we found this bike shop. My dad likes bikes so he was in his element.

when we got there, the views were beautiful..we went on a ferry to get there and I was very happy I didn’t get sick on the boat. I’m not very good with ferries but this one was good.

-My mom and I

When we got to the Vineyard, the roads were tiny and we were happy we didn’t take the car.

Then we went to the Black Dog Tavern where we were overlooking the water while eating chowder and fish sandwiches. It was really nice. It was such a nautical town, I understand why the rich go there.

The next day was the Marathon and when arriving we were greeting by this:

On the chilly Sunday morning, we waved to my dad as he ran for 26.3 miles around Falmouth. While my dad was into his run, my mom and I went for Breakfast at this place called pop kitchen. It was the cutest restaurant I’ve ever been to and we had corn beef and eggs and biscuits. It was so fun spending time with my mom and splurging a little.

When my dad came in, we packed our things and prepared ourselves to race Sandy home. She was not going to land before we were home and safe. I don’t think I will go back to Falmouth, but I had a really nice time in the Vineyard and Falmouth and I would like to see the towns around there like Nantucket and Hyannis.

As we said Goodbye to Martha’s Vineyard we were anxious about getting home and riding out the horrendous storm that was awaiting us.

I would recommend going to Martha’s Vineyard atleast once in your life. It was very nice, and relaxing.



So as Sandy approaches our home, I am bracing myself with my wine glass and my charged computer. It’s funny how the news can scare the shit out of you to the point of where people will leave their home and pets behind. I am sticking this storm at home unlike what we did with Irene. I think this storm is much more scarier then Hurricane Irene but I am surprisingly much more calm than the last one. I heard we will be without power for about a week, I really hope that doesn’t happened.

Here is some picture of what I’m seeing on facebook/from the surrounding areas:


^ The Pier right down the street from my house, pier is gone… let the flooding begin!


For everyone else living in the Jersey Shore Area, and all my family and friends, please be careful.


Bracing Hurricane Sandy.

The Walking Dead.

So I had a little fun this weekend….

Over the weekend. I went to the Zombie walk in Asbury Park. This apocalypse has been going on for the last 5 years. This was my first year going. The walk is for Hunger ( which I find really comical) and the local blood bank was there running a blood drive. It is a 2 mile walk around the city of Asbury Park, but this is no ordinary 2 mile fun walk. This walk is deadly. On Monday, April 11th Guinness World Records™ officially recognized the New Jersey Zombie Walk as the new holder of the record for the World’s Largest Gathering of Zombies. The 3rd Annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk held on October 30th, 2010 made history as 4,093 zombies shambled across the boardwalk and through the city. Asbury Park and the Zombie Walk made it into the record book and have permanently cemented our status as one of the biggest and best Zombie Walks on Earth! I did not partake in that walk, but I think that’s kind of cool. As we were walking we saw all different kinds of zombies.

Alexis and I had a really awesome time. There was so many different people there, there wasn’t much to do but to just stare at people. It was such a awesome day to take pictures..

We also dressed up as zombies too. I was the patriotic zombie and Cheekz was just a regular zombie..

We also got crazy good food. I started it off with a Korean beef taco ( It was a cheat weekend) and than we ended with the famous crepes… My crepe had alot happen in its short life. We waited I think a half hour for this crepe and in the beginning I wasn’t even going to get one. But as the temperature dropped and my feet became numb I had to get something. While waiting, attractive men began making crepes for other people and dancing and singing to techno or dubstep or whatever its called music and they were shaking their asses in front of us. It was so funny. Than while standing in line, we started talking to the people behind us and they were just as indecisive on their choice of what kind of crepe they wanted as I was. In the end. I got a crepe with apple pie filling in it and Alexis got one with smores in it. It was the best dessert I’ve ever eaten, not even kidding. Don’t worry.. I took a picture of it to show you..

Overall after laughs,blanket stealing, awesome food,a million sneezes,more laughs,and tons of fake blood, I think I had a pretty awesome weekend.

Thanks Cheekiez and others who participated…


Silent Beauty.

I wish I had time to just breathe.

Yesterday my friend Shannon and I went to the beach. It was so nice, a little chilly but it was an awesome day to take pictures. For my creative writing club I have to start taking alot more pictures for picture prompts and stuff. I’m kinda excited because now on top everything else going on in my crazy life, I have to start traveling. It’s convenient that I live so close to the beach. But you can only do a few beach scenes. In a couple weeks I am going to Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve never been there so I’m kind of excited and it will also be an opportunity to take some pictures. I heard its really really beautiful there. Has anyone ever gone before? My dad is running a marathon there, hence why we are going.

But as I sitting on the beach, I realized that nature can be so interesting.A little twig could make such a beautiful picture.

to me it looked like claws so I thought that was pretty cool. I am really anxious and excited about taking more pictures.. You’ll be seeing alot more interesting locations in the future. Before my mom made me come home, I took a few pictures, Hope you all enjoy!


SnapShot Memories.

the other night I sat in Red Bank with my friend Cheekz and we were taking in the beauty of the small town we live around. At times, I feel thankful I was exposed to what I was as a child. When I was little I was around the ocean everyday. I went to the beach all the time, even in the winter  and I got to see the beauty of the forest in the summer while we were camping. Since I started writing this blog, I have grown a sudden love for photography. I never saw the point when I was little, they are just pictures. Now I actually understand, you are capturing breathtaking moments in your life that you can’t explain any other way. You are capturing a moment you probably will never forget. You are freezing a moment in your life that was important to you. I give many photographers so much respect because I couldn’t do photo shoots or buy extremely expensive cameras just to capture memories.

I was talking to this new girl that my met at my new  job and she is a model. She was telling me how she just did a photo shoot and how fun it was. I thought only people who were on America’s Next Top Model did photo shoots. I don’t think I could get my picture taken without smiling. I know that sounds silly but I was trained to smile at a camera. I don’t think I could be a model. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable enough  with my body to take pictures of it. Even though I am starting to work out all the time, I still don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with my body, comfortable enough to have someone take pictures of it.

Maybe one day I’ll do a photo shoot, but not today. I like taking pictures, not necessarily be in the picture. I also always blink when the flash goes off and I always look half stoned in my pictures.. I don’t know why.

Have a fun today, and remember, capture your memories.


Art on the Walls

In all my life I never understood graffiti. I never understood it because it wasn’t a picture.there  wasn’t a scene and to me it didn’t have point. It was just words smushed together on wall and apparently it was a “tag” like someones signature. My signature,John Hancock or whatever you wanna call it  looks nothing like the picture above. This picture was taken in my school stairwell. Mind you this a public community college where you are not permitted to be writing on the walls let alone writing your “tag” on anything. Didn’t your mother tell you not to write on the walls. People these days still don’t listen.

Last semester while in my speech class I listened to a speech all about graffiti and it made me respect the art form even more.There was this boy in New York city and he would tag anything he can in the city. He was the first person to really make it popular. He wasn’t a gangster he was nerdy artisty kid who liked to express himself. Than, people started doing it all the time and now grafettit is now pretty socially accepted. Back  in the 70’s they had to ban grafetti and whoever got caught was put in jail. It got so bad that you couldn’t even tell if it was a train or not because so many tags would be on it

Now people aren’t graffiting too much but its still out there in the world. It’s now turned into an art form that people appreciate. I’m starting to understand too.

sarah .

GoodBye Summer.

Since tonight is the night before the first day of school, I thought It would be appropriate to sum up this summer in this post.The only word that can really fit this summer was relaxing. In all the summers that I can remember, I’ve never had so many memories of just relaxing. I had alot of alone time this summer and all I can say it was much needed. I had time to think  things through instead of just doing things on a whim. I’ve actually got to think about events in my life. I feel like that life goes by so fast that sometimes you don’t have time to just step back and really look at your life, and thats what I did this summer. I realized that the last year has been crazy and this summer is what I needed to really cope and get back to being me. It really wasn’t a learning summer like all the others were. I was content. There wasn’t anything that really made waves. And I am pretty excited and looking forward to my crazy hectic life starting once again. Let’s hope this school year isn’t as emotional and hard as last year was..

Here are some pictures that pretty much sum up my summer…

and maybe a few laughs with cheekz too..

We had to fight off those bennies too…

But in the end,this summer was awesome and full of sand and laughs… thanks summer.Till next year.. Good Bye..


Turning off Real Life.

Over the weekend, I went upstate NY  to visit some friends. I don’t know what it is about being up there around the farms and wide open spaces that opens my mind and helps the creative inspiration and energy flowing again. As we were driving, outside every window was another breath taking image. They almost looked like pictures, thats how perfect it was there. You are in the country side where is green and the air is fresher and cleaner and the bugs are the majority, not people.When I was up there , I walked  around alot. I was always wondering deep into thought because everything I was seeing around me was so beautiful and peaceful. In my head it was like my brain was being drained and seeping into the soft fertile earth. When I go there, I tend to forget what its like at home. When I am there, I hear coyotes instead of honking horns, and when I look up,I see stars. They aren’t like ordinary stars, these stars look like they are going to fall on your face. I also got to go on a tractor, I didn’t turn it on, but it was awesome. I love everything about the country, the music,the people,the atmosphere . I really can’t stand this fast pace moving shit. Everyone is in a rush to get somewhere. In the country its all about patience. It may take you a half hour to get to the food store, but once you get there, its worth it.

I had an awesome vacation. It may have only been 3 days, but it felt like a week.I can’t wait to go back!


Proceed to Party.

I saw Toby Keith last night with my cousin and her friends. Like always, he puts on an amazing concert. He’s not even my favorite country star. I must say, there are so many Red Necks in New Jersey. The one thing I am really surprised that is how many people start fighting when they are drunk. It’s like you are going to get arrested, whats the point?

I’ve only gotten into a fight once in my life. But I was like 13 and i don’t know why I did it. It was an experience, and I surprisingly didn’t get my ass beat, GO ME!


Let the Games Begin!

Since tonight was the Olympic opening ceremony I wanted to say to all my followers from  all different countries good luck in the games and may the best team win! Tonight my cousin had an opening ceremony party. We are from USA ( hence my patriotic pants) we all had to come dressed up in our athletic clothes ( my cousin was Michael Phelps) or representing a specific country  . My cousin always thinks of the best ideas. We also had food from all over the world. From Chinese rice to tea and crumpets.My aunt dressed up as the queen of England, it was  too funny.

We all had a great time, and it was a great way to get the family together…even if we dress funny..

May the best team win!