Skinny on the Fourth of July!

Skinny on the Fourth of July!

Well yesterday was the fourth of July, and I like every year, I celebrated it with my family. This year however, my cousin Joan and I went to the beach instead of tubing down the Delaware like we did last year. When picking out what bathing suit I was going to wear I was hesitant because this is the first year I sported the bikini look. My whole life I was fat, but after hard work I lost 30 lbs! Granted, I gained some back but I’m trying to stay consistent but its hard when its the summer and you are going out and eating and there is chips everywhere. But anyway, I decided to wear my bikini to the beach because, who’s looking at me? I have a boyfriend, I’m not trying to impress anyone, I’m just going to spend time with my cousin. When going to the beach, I didn’t tell her I was wearing a bikini because I still wasn’t sure if I was going to take off my cover up at all. But, once we were all setting up  I found out she was wearing one too! I felt so relaxed because she had been working out hard for months and its paying off and she looks great! My cousin’s boyfriend took a picture of all of us.

It’s always a nice tradition to spend the fourth of July with my family and I can’t wait for next year to do it all over again!



Silent Beauty.

I wish I had time to just breathe.

Yesterday my friend Shannon and I went to the beach. It was so nice, a little chilly but it was an awesome day to take pictures. For my creative writing club I have to start taking alot more pictures for picture prompts and stuff. I’m kinda excited because now on top everything else going on in my crazy life, I have to start traveling. It’s convenient that I live so close to the beach. But you can only do a few beach scenes. In a couple weeks I am going to Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve never been there so I’m kind of excited and it will also be an opportunity to take some pictures. I heard its really really beautiful there. Has anyone ever gone before? My dad is running a marathon there, hence why we are going.

But as I sitting on the beach, I realized that nature can be so interesting.A little twig could make such a beautiful picture.

to me it looked like claws so I thought that was pretty cool. I am really anxious and excited about taking more pictures.. You’ll be seeing alot more interesting locations in the future. Before my mom made me come home, I took a few pictures, Hope you all enjoy!


Summer so Far.

As August has become pretty solid,I look back on the last three months with triumphs. I have accomplished more this summer than I have ever had during any other summer. Before the start of college, my summer consisted of sleeping,the pool and friends. Now, I have a job, I took summer classes, I actually have a schedule, my internet usage has been decreased astronomically and I’m actually do something with my time instead of sleep through it. 

This summer has gone by so slow but in a really good way. I really have looked at my life in a completely different light. I’ve realized that life is too short to be not doing something that you love. If it means not having alot of money in your pockets than so be it. I got through 3 months being unemployed and was perfectly fine. People should once and while step back and take a look around because they are missing out on picture perfect memories by being stressed.

This summer has also showed me that no matter how much you may not think so, you can be independent and seek out new people with no problem. When my friends from High School came back from college, I was excited to see some but most of them… not so much. It wasn’t like we were a tight knit group. I enjoyed my time with my high school friends but life goes on and people grow up and they aren’t the people you knew before college.My friend Alexis left to go to camps and as much as I miss her, there is sometimes that I enjoy just having my alone time. This summer was my alone time. I made sure I got things done with no distractions.Now that everyone is either coming back or leaving, I feel like my solitude time is over but it was well spent.

I’ve learned alot of lessons about love and friendship in this short summer. You may realize that even the strongest friendships have some cracks and the not so good friendships can be improved with much time and patience. People’s actions have taught me about people in ways I never knew before.

I watch my life flashing before my eyes and I wonder if I will remember this moment, this day. this week? I hope I do because I am learning about myself just by the actions and the goals around me. It is shaping me into the woman I will soon become.

Have a blessed Sunday



Life’s a Beach.

Today I went to the beach with my dad so he could practice swimming. It was really relaxing because not alot of peope were there because it was almost 8 o’clock and the sun was going down. As I sat on the beach in my neon on green beach chair I recently claimed, I realized that at that moment i was the most relaxed I have been in a while. It was soothing, like the waves were taking my thoughts and throwing them into the ocean. As I was sitting there trying so hard not to get eaten alive by horse flys, I was trying to think of something, even a line for a poem that would describe that moment, and I came up with nothing. I couldn’t concentrate on my book I brought with me ( not a very good book, but I must finish) The waves were like a melody and I was almost thrilled that I forgot my earbuds at home. I’m glad I actually thought about taking pictures though. The beach is the best place to take pictures. Any hour of any day, the beach is always beautiful. I hope one day I can take pictures of more than just my neighborhood beach..

These pictures are Sandy Hooke beach. It’s about 10 minuets away from my house. It’s really historic and the beaches are really clean, but you have to pay an arm and a leg to get on so I don’t see a point in going. After 5 its free, hence why I was there…

I am not cheap or anything, I just don’t understand why I have to pay to go to nature… but anyway, it was an awesome night.


A Mothers Love.


A mother’s love is unconditional

But at times I tend to disagree.

Reprimanding them because

That’s not what you wanted them to do

Like they’re fucking robots or dogs.

You carried them for nine months

All because of a twenty  minuet fling.

You take it out on your child

Because you aren’t getting laid every week

Like you used to.

Now she’s four and you haven’t had a good night sleep in 3

And you sip black coffee like an adult.

You bring her to dance classes and soccer games

In a minivan you bought

A year after she was born.

You have stickers on your windows

And sing along CD’s instead of Aerosmith

In your radio.

Radio Disney is the first station programmed instead of z100

And you haven’t had a drink in four years.

But you love her.

You love her because when they put her in your arms you cried

Because you were tired and thought she was beautiful.

She will always be beautiful

Because she is yours.

And her love for you

Will be unconditional.


Seeing Beyond the Fog.

Yesterday while at school, I took this picture. I am taking an Oceanography class on Sandy Hooke this summer. It is really boring but yet interesting at the same time. I love being surrounded by water. I get so inspired by the beach, maybe its because I’ve lived by in my whole life, I don’t know, but it brings back ALOT of memories. 

This is the bay side of Sandy Hooke. It was foggy and mysterious. That kind of weather is my favorite. It’s puzzling and mysterious and unpredicatable. I love that. 

I wish I was mysterious… I am pretty obvious. Whatever. 



Finding Beauty at the Beach.

I took a walk to the beach today…I live 3 blocks away…

I was surprised to see people on the beach, usually no one goes there..

I went with my friend Shannon. I see her every couple of months. We were friends in Middle School.. it’s nice to catch up once in a while…

She never changes… but I have… but I can be obnoxious around her… She’s seen me through the “awkward years”. It’s funny when you figure out you live by such beauty.

Even in a white trash town… there is still beauty…

As much as I hate my neighborhood, I would miss this ^

Have a Good Night.


The Finale

You see there’s nothing

I’d rather do

Than sit on our front porch

And watch the present day

Come to an end.

I want to hear

The powerful current

Of the raging blue

Slam against the innocent beige.

I want to feel the humidity

Soak into my bronze skin

as the innocent blue sky

is pierced by colors

only found in my dreams.

I want to hear the crickets

Begin there nightly concert

For no one

But the observant.

I want to look

Into your deep brown eyes

As you stare out in the horizon.

I want to smile

And think how lucky I am

That you enjoy and appreciate

All the beauty around you.

As the sun goes under

The clouds and night

I enjoy the finale

Of the day

And the preview

Of the night.

I watched the sun set today out my bed room window today…. you know summer is coming when you can see your future through the clouds.


Nature is Beautiful

Nature is Beautiful

The last few  days have been beautiful. Internally and Externally. I seriously love life.

This was taken about 10 minuetes from where I live.I am beginning to see the beauty nature has. I have never noticed it before.
My world is beautiful. I seriously have never felt so great in my entire life. I don’t ever want this feeling to go away

Summer will be here before we know it. I can’t wait for it.

xo Sarah

Footprints on my Mind.

So tonight I went to Pier Village with my friend Brandon from High School. I have known Brandon since I was about 6 years old but we didn’t become “friends” till I was 16. 10 years of waves and the occasional “hey how are ya?”  until we became friends. I remember one of my first memories was with Brandon. It was my 6th birthday and I had my party at Dosiles Swim Club (everyone at one time had their birthday there) it was an indoor swimming pool where all the kids could play for hours with eachother.You weren’t allowed in the “deep end” until we  took the swim class. I was always afraid of the swim test, even though I had taken it at every Dosiles birthday party I went to. I guess the whole “showing off your skills infront of people” thing always got my nerves going. But at my party I wasn’t scared,I wasn’t even nervous. Brandon was at my party. At that time, he was just another classmate. I don’t remember ever really talking to him but in elementary school, if you didn’t  invite the whole class, you couldn’t invite anyone  from the class at all. It was a stupid rule. Now I believe the rule was put into effect was because the parents of the loser kids didn’t want their kid to be left out. I believe some would call me a loser because come sweet 16 time, I wasn’t invited to many. I didn’t care though honestly, buying dresses that you were only going to wear once was the stupidest thing I had ever heard.

Throughout my High School life, Brandon was always a constant supporter of me. He always cared about my opinion and I always cared about his. Well… until I started to like him as more then just “A friend.” Brandon is a good looking guy. He has long blonde hair and the most piercing blue eyes. Everyone says he looks like a character from the movie “The Blue Lagoon” but I have never seen the movie so I wouldn’t know. Brandon is a deep thinker. He thinks about why people do the things they do and other things that my uneducated brain cannot understand.

As I told him about the events that have gone on  in my life since he’s been away at school, he was unbelievably surprised on how I am still alive. Brandon is a simple guy on the outside but so complex that sometimes he doesn’t understand himself, on the inside. Maybe that was why I was so attracted towards him. He was a mystery. Brandon is now  more like my brother then “boyfriend material.”

As we walked down the beach, talking about life,our goals and religion of all things, I stopped and took a pictures of the footsteps in the sand  behind me. I started to skip around and make more footprints in the sand. I thought about if an artists came to the beach and made art out of all the footprints on the beach. I thought it would be so cool.. After looking at the picture when I got home, I thought about the stupid quote

“Real best friends leave footprints in your heart.”

When I looking at Brandon, I finally see this quote be true. Brandon is a REAL best friend. He has been in my life for a long time. Friend, no friend, he was always there. He is the brother I always wanted and never had. We may not always agree about things, but I don’t know where I’d be without him. He has been the supporter, the comforter, the protector. He may be a loser,a geek, a philosophical nerd and a man whore, but I wouldn’t want him any other way.

Tomorrow I’m going to see some of my friends from college. I kinda cant wait. I miss them already.